‘Survivor’ producer accused of killing wife fighting extradition

‘Survivor’ producer accused of killing wife fighting extradition

A former producer of the reality television show, “Survivor,”
is fighting extradition to Mexico where he has been charged with the murder
of his wife. Mexican authorities say that Bruce Beresford-Redman is responsible
for the death of his wife, Monica Burgos Beresford-Redman, through an act of
domestic violence. Witnesses say that they saw the couple fighting during their trip to
Cancun and other hotel guests reported that they heard a violent fight
on the day that Monica was reportedly last seen.

Beresford-Redman, 41, denies having any part in Monica’s death. He
maintains that Monica had gone out shopping and did not come back. Monica’s
body was found in a sewer near where the couple was staying with their
two young children in April 2010. Beresford-Redman was told to stay in
Mexico by authorities, who also confiscated his passport, but he was not
charged with a crime at that point and he returned to the U.S. Beresford-Redman’s
attorney has said that Beresford-Redman had every right to return home.

Since then, prosecutors from the region where Monica died have been working
with U.S. prosecutors in order to secure Beresford-Redman’s extradition
to Mexico to face trial on aggravated homicide charges.

Just this week, a federal judge in California issued documents that support
her decision to extradite Beresford-Redman. According to L.A. Now, the
judge did not believe that Beresford-Redman’s story of what happened
while the family was vacation was credible.

Beresford-Redman had attempted to have his six-year-old daughter back up
his story, but the judge said that the story the little girl told did
not make Beresford-Redman’s account of events more believable. Beresford-Redman
and the daughter said that the family had been playing loud games in the
hotel, which Beresford-Redman has said explains the screaming coming from the room.

The judge has said that she believes there is probable cause that Beresford-Redman
killed his wife for insurance money and custody of the kids. He and his
wife had been having marital problems and frequent fights, reportedly
in large part because he was having an extra-marital affair. Beresford-Redman
will appeal the decision and continue to fight extradition.

Source: L.A. Now, “Judge: Ex-‘Survivor’ producer facing extradition ‘not
,” Richard Winton, 27 July 2011