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Our Blog In Month: February 2017

  • Is parole a right?

    Parole is not guaranteed if you go to court and are convicted of a crime. While some may believe that parole is likely based on ...

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  • Misdemeanors and nonviolent crimes can be expunged in Maryland

    In Maryland, those who are charged for minor crimes may still suffer the scrutiny of the public. For instance, if you are a teen or ...

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  • Misdemeanor for domestic violence could restrict gun ownership

    Should those who abuse others have the right to a gun? A new bill in Maryland questions that and could require the courts to tell ...

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  • Is sexting a crime when minors willingly send photos?

    Is sexting really a crime you should worry about if you’re a minor? Can someone accuse you of doing something wrong, just because you wrote ...

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  • School coach arrested on allegations of child pornography

    When you work at a school, there are numerous background checks and other searches that will be done on you. These background checks make sure ...

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  • What is an innocence defense and how does it work?

    Are you able to provide a defense against any criminal charge? The quick answer is yes, even if you think the case is completely against ...

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  • Are tougher domestic laws on the horizon for Maryland?

    If lawmakers and lobbyists get their way, Maryland’s domestic violence laws will be strengthened. Last week, prosecutors and domestic violence advocates spoke before lawmakers in ...

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  • Former Baltimore rape suspect sues for false arrest

    Just because someone is arrested and charged with a crime does not necessarily mean that person is guilty. While the authorities and the court of ...

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  • Expungements and your right to have your record sealed

    If you’ve been accused of or convicted of a crime, one of the things you may be considering is how the expungement process works. Expungement ...

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  • Maryland man charged with drunk driving in pedestrian accident

    Anyone charged with drunk driving in Maryland knows the stakes are high. When the charge is connected to an accident such as striking another vehicle ...

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