Maryland man charged with drunk driving in pedestrian accident

Maryland man charged with drunk driving in pedestrian accident

Anyone charged with drunk driving in Maryland knows the stakes are high.
When the charge is connected to an accident such as striking another vehicle
or a pedestrian, the potential penalties are even greater. That is why
it is important for anyone charged with a
drunk driving offense to contact a defense attorney immediately.

Carroll County Sheriff’s Office deputies believe a 34-year-old New
Windsor man is responsible for striking a pedestrian walking on the wide
of the road. They allege the man had been drinking alcohol, which they
feel played a part in the accident.

According to authorities, the man was driving his 2001 Dodge pickup truck
south on Franklinville Road near Maryland 26 in the Taylorsville area
when he struck a 19-year-old woman. Unable to identify or locate what
he had hit, the man drove home and called the police to report the incident.

Authorities responding to the call found the pedestrian unconscious. Paramedics
from Winfield’s volunteer fire company treated her at the scene
of the accident. After stabilizing her, she was airlifted to the University
of Maryland Shock Trauma Center, where she stayed until she ultimately died.

Authorities claim the driver’s blood alcohol concentration was 0.13
at the time of the accident. Sheriff’s investigators charged the
driver with one count of driving under the influence of alcohol per se,
driving under the influence of alcohol and driving while impaired by alcohol.
After posting $10,000 bail, the man was released by the District Court

The police are continuing to investigate the accident.

While someone charged with DWI or DUI may feel helpless, these charges
have become much more complex than “I was caught. What happens now?”
A defense attorney will look at the case from angles. Was the blood alcohol
test performed properly? Who served the alcohol? Who was in control of
the vehicle? Does the defendant have prior drunk driving convictions?
A lawyer will look at all these questions and more.

Source: Carroll County Times, “Suspected driver charged with DUI
after accident,” 18 Feb. 2011.