Mentally ill man faces charges after threatening TV station

Mentally ill man faces charges after threatening TV station

Sometimes, people do things that they don’t realize they’re
doing because of mental illnesses. Or, they see what they’re doing
but don’t believe it’s wrong. If you struggle with a
mental illness, you know that sometimes you may not act like yourself. That’s what
allegedly happened in this case.

A 25-year-old man is facing charges following a threat he made against
a local Baltimore TV station. The man made the threat while dressed in
an animal onesie; he entered the TV station’s building and began
talking to a security contractor. That contractor recognized what looked
like explosive devices on the man’s body. He told the staff about
the situation so they could evacuate.

The security contractor was speaking to the man in the onesie through glass
and a secure door, so the man was not able to go any further into the
building. What did the man want? He had a flash drive that he wanted to
have aired. The drive contained videos of the man talking about the end
of the world.

When the 25-year-old man finally let the building of his own accord, the
police asked him to stop and comply with their orders. When he didn’t,
he was shot three times by the police and SWAT team. He had one hand in
his pocket at the time, so the agencies believed he may be holding a detonator.

The man was taken to Shock Trauma in serious but stable condition. It was
discovered that while he looked threatening, he had a life preserver on
with wire that had chocolate candy bars wrapped in aluminum foil. His
family has cooperated with the authorities and reported that the young
man struggles with mental illness.

Cases like these need defense by attorneys who are familiar with the laws
governing the mentally ill.

Source: WBAL TV, “Man faces felony charges in threat against Baltimore TV station WBFF,” Saliqa Khan, April 29, 2016