Misdemeanor for domestic violence could restrict gun ownership

Misdemeanor for domestic violence could restrict gun ownership

Should those who abuse others have the right to a gun? A new bill in Maryland questions that and could require the courts to tell those who abuse others to give up their guns.

When you’re accused of a crime, it’s important to realize that felony criminal convictions negate many of your rights. That’s why it’s so important to fight back against false claims or when a situation isn’t as it seems. Normally, it’s felonies that carry the worst punishments, but Maryland is looking to restrict weapon usage for those with violent tendencies. That could mean you’d lose your access to the guns you own.

According to the news, judges in the state would have to tell those involved in domestic violence abuse that they are no longer able to possess firearms. The bill would require that those convicted of domestic violence give up their guns to a federally licensed firearms dealer.

Right now, Maryland’s laws do prevent those who have been convicted of violent crimes from having guns, but domestic abuse convictions escape that penalty. Domestic violence charges typically result in misdemeanor convictions, which could be why those convicted aren’t losing their guns.

While the right to have a gun can be a contentious topic in the United States, both parties agree that it’s not okay to leave guns in the hands of those who may use them violently. It’s reported that around 690 people are killed each year due to domestic violence incidents involving guns. In Maryland alone, 93 people were killed from gun violence in domestic abuse cases over one eight-year period.

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