School coach arrested on allegations of child pornography

School coach arrested on allegations of child pornography

When you work at a school, there are numerous background checks and other
searches that will be done on you. These background checks make sure you
haven’t been convicted of crimes against children in the past.

Sometimes, teachers are accused of crimes that they may not have committed.
For instance, a child in a health class could be confused and say a teacher
showed him something illicit, when in reality it was a health-related
video. These kinds of incidents need to be fully investigated before anyone’s
reputation is allowed to be destroyed.

In this case out of Maryland, a teacher has already been put in the news
for his arrest. A swim coach at St. Mary’s College has been accused
of one count of child pornography and another fordisplaying obscene matter to a minor. The police and news did not indicate what kinds of materials or how many
items the man had, and the school did not indicate that it had any history
of complaints about the coach.

According to the Maryland State Police, the swim coach was arrested without
incident. The 45-year-old man’s home was searched on a warrant on
Feb. 12, leading to the charges, but no information was given on where
initial allegations came from. When the man’s home was searched,
the police reported that various kinds of digital media devices were at
the home, and they were found to have images of child pornography.

So far, there has been no word on the man’s defense or how he plans
to plea in the case.

Source: SoMdNews, “St. Mary’s College of Maryland swim coach charged with child porn,” Jesse Yeatman, Feb. 17, 2016