Secret Service agent faces child pornography charges

Secret Service agent faces child pornography charges

Internet crimes may be a single bad choice or something you do repeatedly;
if you’re caught, you need to defend yourself. Because of the way
the Internet links multiple states and countries, you may find that you
have to be present in a different state to stand trial, which is something
you may need help with. That’s what is happening in this case.

A Secret Service officer has been implicated in a case involving sexual
activity with a teen girl in Broward County, Florida. The man, who is
from Maryland, was fired from his job at the White House after investigators
reported that he had allegedly
sexted with underage girls while he was working.

Now, he’s in South Florida facing charges. He was extricated to the
state and appeared in federal court in West Palm Beach to face the allegations.
He currently faces three charges for activities that allegedly took place
between January and May 2014. He’s accused of using a computer to
entice a minor to become involved in sexual activity, attempted production
of child pornography, and the attempted receipt of child pornography.

Since his arrest, the man has been imprisoned. He was first kept in Delaware
on a related federal charge. The most serious allegations are in Florida,
which is why he wanted to move to that state to face the charges there
first. He allegedly spoke to around 10 underage minors including two undercover
agents. An undercover officer reported receiving an image of his penis,
while another received a request for something “exciting,”
to help him get through the work day.

Not all the interactions were sexual; it’s reported that he had sent
a video of himself in uniform to one minor. The news did not say if the
man has claimed that he is innocent or if he’ll attempt a plea.

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