Shoplifting flash mob in Maryland used texts to organize

Shoplifting flash mob in Maryland used texts to organize

Flash mobs have been on the rise recently, often using cell phones or social
media to gather many people together in a certain place. Some of these
resulting mobs end up committing violent crimes on a large scale. The
flash mobs in London committed arson and even murder. Flash mobs are not
always violent, but they are still investigated by law enforcement if
they commit crimes.

A recent flash mob in Montgomery County, Maryland, involved a group of
teenagers who entered a 7-Eleven and shoplifted goods. It was apparent
to police officers that the teenagers caught on surveillance cameras were
having fun and smiling and laughing as they moved through the 7-Eleven
in a pack and walked back out again with items they didn’t pay for.
The police, however, say despite the fact that the kids did not take the
thefts seriously, the police are.

The teens reportedly used text messaging through cell phones or messages
on Twitter or Facebook to gather for the group shoplifting. Police say
that new technologies are resulting in new kinds of opportunities for
crimes, but they are also providing police officers with new tools for
apprehending people who commit crimes.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Montgomery County Police Department
said they have identified several of the teens in the surveillance videos,
and they are working on identifying others. The police are asking people
to send a text message to their department if they know any of the kids
seen in the surveillance videos.

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Source: Los Angeles Times, “A mellow (but still criminal) flash mob in Maryland,” Deborah Netburn, Aug. 16, 2011