Woman accused of being involved in husband’s drug deals

Woman accused of being involved in husband’s drug deals

When you’re caught in the middle of a drug deal or other drug-related
crime, you are put in a tough position. You’ll likely be accused
of being a part of the crime, even if you weren’t. In your case,
seeking help from a defense attorney can help you be sure you aren’t
unfairly charged.

Your case may be similar to this one in which a woman has been described
both as a drug dealer and clueless wife. The prosecuting attorneys claim
the woman’s husband sold prescription painkillers in a drug ring,
and she has been accused of controlling the income from the sales along
with her husband’s addictions.

Her defense attorney has stated that none of that is accurate. In fact,
the woman, a mother of two, had no idea about her husband’s dealings,
he claims. What both sides of the argument can agree on is that the family
had several relatives and the woman’s husband working together,
filling prescriptions for
opioids at several pharmacies in the local area. So far, nine people have pleaded
guilty, and five more await trial.

It’s been argued that the woman’s husband kept her out of the
drug deals; they had separate bank accounts in Maryland and were separated
at one point. The man even had his own apartment. Some people in the family
argue that the woman wasn’t out of the loop, though. They say she
was in control of her husband’s finances and controlled who got
a raise or who got paid out. She’s been charged with conspiracy
to distribute Oxycodone, not of selling the drugs or filling prescriptions.
The charge is a felony that could land her in prison for up to 20 years.

Source: The Washington Post, “Savvy drug dealer or clueless wife? In trial, contrasting depictions of
Md. woman.
,” Rachel Weiner, June 08, 2016