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Our Blog In Month: March 2017

  • Know your right for a fair sentence in court

    When you’re going to be sentenced for a crime, you want to know that you’re going to receive a punishment that is fair based on ...

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  • What are some common online crimes?

    What are the most common types of crimes that take place online? You may be surprised to know that fraud and identity theft have been ...

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  • Where a Sex Offender Can Live?

    Maryland residents who have been convicted of sex crimes will usually need to sign up with the state’s sex offender registry system. Failure to appropriately ...

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  • Will a misdemeanor make it hard to find a job?

    You’re facing a misdemeanor, and that means you’re going to have a blemish on your criminal record. Does it really matter? Will it affect your ...

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  • You deserve a fair and unbiased trial under federal law

    Criminal defense is important to your case, because even if you’re guilty of a crime, you have the right to be treated as innocent until ...

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  • Are some types of drug paraphernalia legal in Maryland?

    Earlier this year, the Maryland Senate voted to give final approval to a legislative bill that will make drug paraphernalia legal. It also will make ...

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  • Computer crimes and defending yourself against identity theft

    Computer crime is a category of offenses that you could be accused of if a computer was part of a criminal act you were or ...

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  • Body armor and weapons in the commission of a crime

    It’s likely not surprising for people to hear that the use of a weapon in a crime makes it more serious. However, did you know ...

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  • Damage caused by untrue criminal allegations

    Crime victims receive a lot of sympathy which makes taking on the role of a victim attractive to some people. A desire for compassion is ...

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  • Defend yourself against accusations of theft or burglary

    Accusations of burglary or theft can quickly become dangerous for your reputation and can put your future in jeopardy. Accusations spread quickly through the community ...

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