Bus driver carrying middle school students arrested for DUI

Bus driver carrying middle school students arrested for DUI

Police in Maryland has arrested a charter bus driver on suspicion of drunk
driving. The arrest was made by the Maryland State Police after school
chaperones noticed that the man appeared inebriated. Maryland State Troopers
arrived not long after the chaperones called 911. The bus driver had been
driving a busload of middle school students at the time.

According to Bennett Middle School, where the students were from, the students
and chaperones were on a field trip at the time of the incident. While
they were returning in the charter bus, state police stopped the passenger
vehicle and arrested its driver.

The school reported that all of the students were safe, and at the time
of the announcement, they were still waiting to be picked up by another
charter bus to return to the school. The school stressed that the safety
of its students was its highest priority. Fortunately, the swift action
of the chaperones may have averted an accident in this case.

According to the superintendent of the school district, the bus had dozens
of middle school-age children, but he was not certain exactly how many
had been riding on the bus at the time of the incident. The bus driver,
he confirmed, was not an employee of the school district, but he was employed
by Dawson Bus Service, which operated the vehicle involved.

It is important to remember that a Maryland resident who is arrested and
accused of a crime will remain innocent until — and only if —
the person is convicted of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. It is
also important to remember that just because someone appears to be intoxicated
does not necessarily mean that he or she is. Indeed, police sometimes
mistake unusual behavior as
a false sign of intoxication, when it could actually be the sign of medical condition or illness.

Source: wmdt.com, “BREAKING: Bus driver arrested for suspected drunk-driving,” Natalie Changlin, Nov. 18, 2015