Carjacking defense strategy is crucial to you case

Carjacking defense strategy is crucial to you case

When facing charges for carjacking, it’s important to know what you
have ahead of you in the Baltimore court system. It’s a serious
crime and a conviction likely means a long prison sentences, fines and
more. Here is some additional information about this crime:

What is carjacking?

Carjacking is the taking of a motor vehicle from another person by using
the threat of force or by using force. There are usually a number of other
offenses that are charged along with this crime. Those might include assault,
robbery and weapons violations.

What are the possible penalties of carjacking?

Someone can easily be injured or killed when this crime is committed even
if it isn’t the alleged carjacker’s intention. Should someone
die because of an attempted carjacking or a carjacking, then the alleged
carjacker could face the death penalty. However, if the alleged carjacker
is charged with only carjacking, the possible
penalty could be up to 30 years in prison.

What can be done to fight such a charge?

Any criminal charge can result in jail time. Felonies can result in prison
time. Probation and parole are often required after serving a sentence,
which leaves someone looking over your shoulder until those requirements
are completed.

Fighting a carjacking charge isn’t easy. An experienced attorney,
such as those at our office, The Law Offices of James E. Crawford, Jr.
& Associates, LLC, can help. From reviewing all the evidence and reports
in the case to interviewing witnesses, we know how to build a strategic
defense case against carjacking charges. We also may be able to negotiate
with the prosecution on a plea deal; however, not every peal deal is right
for every case.

To learn more about carjacking and other crimes, please visit our webpage
on the topic.