Defense strategies against child sex offense charges

Defense strategies against child sex offense charges

Being charges with a child sex offense can make your life very uncertain.
There is a stigma attached with such charges — and charges involving
children — that is often difficult to overcome. This occurs even
when the charges haven’t been proven in court. There are some defense
strategies that experienced defense attorneys employ in order to make
the jury see the defense’s side of the case. These include:

— The child’s injuries are the result of an accident.

Most courts in our country do not punish parents when accidents occur and
harm their child. It is possible that the medical evidence presented by
the prosecution is not correct and the child’s injuries were the
result of an accident. An expert witness may be called in to dispute the
prosecution’s medical evidence and show that these injuries were
the result of sexual abuse.

— The allegations of child abuse are false.

There are times when an ex-spouse or the child’s other parent wants
the charged individual to have no contact with the child. Creating false
allegations of child abuse will harm the defendant, and that is the intent
in the first place.

— There are religious beliefs involved.

While it can be hard to believe that any religion would harm a child, it
is possible.
Genital mutilation, for instance, is practiced in some religions and cultures around the
world. This could cause serious injuries with a child but might not be
viewed as sexual abuse in some cultures.

As you can see, there are defense strategies that may be used to defend against
child sex charges. An experienced attorney can help you learn more about these strategies
and how your rights can be protected.