Drug kingpin charges in Maryland

Drug kingpin charges in Maryland

Have you been accused of being a drug kingpin? The moniker might sound
a little strange, but the charge is actually very serious. In the state
of Maryland, people who have been accused of drug distribution or drug
trafficking could be subjected to heightened punishments if the court
rules that they are “kingpins.”

According to Maryland law, a drug kingpin is defined as someone who: 1) is part of a conspiracy
to distribute, manufacture, bring into, dispense or transport drugs into
our state; and, 2) is proved to be an organizer, financier, supervisor
or manager in that conspiracy.

A drug crime conspiracy operation is deemed to exist when two or more people
work together to commit unlawful acts relating to illicit substances.
Essentially, we are talking about organized drug crime activity when the
term kingpin is used. The alleged kingpin will generally hold an important
position of leadership in the organized crime operation at issue.

Law enforcement officials often use conversations recorded by wiretaps
to try and prove that a drug conspiracy exists between specific defendants.
In many cases, authorities will use information from confidential informants
in order to prosecute drug kingpin defendants as well.

Drug conspiracy and drug kingpin charges could result in decades-long jail
sentences, or more, if a conviction occurs. Therefore, it is important
that individuals accused of such charges seek a legal representative with
a sufficient level of experience and knowledge to navigate their defenses.

At the Law Offices of James E. Crawford Jr. & Associates, LLC, we have
handled the defense of dozens of
drug conspiracy/kingpin cases since Maryland’s kingpin laws went into affect about a decade ago.
If you or a loved one has been accused of such crimes, we are here to help.