Drug treatment court may be options for cocaine offense

Drug treatment court may be options for cocaine offense

Anyone who has watched “The Wire” knows that cocaine trafficking
in Baltimore is prevalent and the focus of many hours of work in the Baltimore
Police Department. In real life, the story is about the same. Drug crimes
centered around cocaine are common and law enforcement continues the battle
of trying to get it off the streets.

penalties for cocaine possession can be stiff. For example, should someone be convicted of being a “drug
kingpin,” then he or she could be sentenced to 20 to 40 years in
prison and a $1 million fine. Subsequent convictions for bringing 28 grams
or more into Maryland could result in up to 50 years in prison and a fine
of $100,000. As you can see, sentencing on some cocaine charges can be severe.

At The Law Offices of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates, LLC, we
understand that in many cases, the possession of cocaine results from
an addiction to the substance. In some situations, drug treatment court
may be an option. If accepted into the drug treatment court, the defendant
will be supervised with structured, intensive treatment programs. The
court carefully monitors the progress of the defendant throughout the
treatment programs. Should the defendant relapse during the program, there
will be an enhanced sentence handed down.

Not all defendants charged with
cocaine offenses will qualify for drug treatment courts. However, if you want to participate
in such a program, we can help you determine if you are eligible.

To learn more about cocaine charges and your possible defense options,
please take a look at our webpage on the topic.