Live box computer forensics and Internet sex crimes

Live box computer forensics and Internet sex crimes

There are very few people who don’t have some sort of computer access
every day. As a result, computer crime is increasing very quickly. The
Federal Bureau of Investigations has a mission to identify online sexual
predators who target and exploit children, to identify those who seek
to steal intellectual property and to tear down the criminal organizations
who are involved in Internet fraud.

The FBI says that over $100 billion is the cost of cybercrime each year.
However, computer forensics has also been used in murder cases, such as
the serial murder BTK case and the Laci Peterson murder. When it comes
to sex crimes, an investigation using computer forensics is done the same
way as other investigations. Highly skilled and trained personnel follow
specific protocol when gathering evidence from the computer and the computer itself.

Cyber forensics has traditionally focused on “dead-box” analysis.
This means that investigators analyze data at rest — the computer
is off when a copy is made of the hard drive. This has been the technique
used for the last 15 years without much change. Now, however, “live-box”
forensics, utilizes one to four gigabytes of information on the computer
that is often overlooked. It gives investigators access to the information
that is in the computer’s memory chips. It also gives investigators
access to whatever might be on the live hard drive. When the computer
is shut down, all of that information on the memory chips is lost.

Using a combination of dead-box and live-box forensics gives investigators
the computer’s complete data for use as evidence in the case.

If you have been charged with an
Internet sex crime, it’s essential that any evidence to be used against you is carefully
explored by a defense expert. An attorney who is well-versed in cyber
sex crimes can be a valuable ally for you.

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