Maryland couple accused of murdering teenage boy

Maryland couple accused of murdering teenage boy

A teenager from Middle River was found dead in Baltimore County along Interstate
95. His skull was crushed and he had been asphyxiated with a piece of
rope or wire. Police allege that the young man was murdered by an older
couple who shared drugs with him.

The teenager’s body was found in the White Marsh area on Oct. 27.
Later, police arrested a 48-year-old man and a 61-year-old woman in connection
with his death. According to the young man’s father, he dropped
his son off at the couple’s trailer for lunch on Oct. 25, which
is the last time the teenager was seen. Friends said that the 18-year-old
used and sold drugs, and he relied on others for transportation.

While the young man was still missing, investigators paid a visit to the
older couple. The older couple told authorities that the teenager had
stayed with them, but he left to sell drugs at a Wal-Mart close by. After
obtaining a search warrant to search the couple’s truck and trailer,
authorities found blood splatter and a pool of blood that matched the
young man.

Soon after, authorities arrested the couple on murder charges. During their
court appearance, a District Court judge ordered them to remain in custody
without bond. At this time, it is unknown if the couple has obtained legal
representation for their defense.

Although the evidence mentioned in news reports relating to murder arrests
can make it appear like accused persons are guilty, the courts in Maryland
will still see them as innocent. Indeed, no one is guilty of a crime,
and no one will be punished for a crime, until — and only if —
the accused person is proved to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in
court. The same will be true for the accused couple in this case.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Middle River man allegedly killed by
older couple he used drugs with, court papers say,” Justin Fenton,
Nov. 02, 2015