Officers still need cause to make a DUI arrest

Officers still need cause to make a DUI arrest

Something has to cause a police officer in Baltimore to pull you over and
give you a DUI. While this may sound obvious, it’s actually a very
important distinction, since it means police officers can’t just
randomly pull over any vehicles that they want, hand out breath tests,
and take drivers who fail down to the station. Before the breath test,
something has to cause the traffic stop, and any stop done without cause—even
if you are drunk—may not be legal.

Keep this in mind as technology advances. There have been talks about setting
up laser monitoring devices that could detect alcohol and then tell police
to pull certain vehicles over. This has never been done before, and it
could have a huge impact on drivers’ rights if it becomes a reality.

That said, these systems are not in place yet, so it’s important
to think about what could trigger a traffic stop today. Some common examples include:

— Turning or changing lanes without the proper use of a turn signal
— Failing to come to a total and complete stop at a red light or
a stop sign — Going even an inch over the center line or the line
between lanes — Driving with a headlight or a taillight that is
burned out — Driving with a license plate that does not have the
most current registration sticker — Driving well over or below the
speed limit — Making a turn from a lane that is not a turn lane
— And much more

Essentially, police will look for little, common driving mistakes and then
use them as a reason to make a stop and perhaps give out a DUI. If you’re
facing these
charges, be sure you know your rights.