The different types of drug charges in Maryland

The different types of drug charges in Maryland

There are several different types of drug charges in Maryland. Some are
more based on the type of drug involved; with others, it is based on how
much of a drug a defendant has on him or her. Finally, there are some
charges that are due to what the intended use of the drug was for.

Here are some of the drug charges that people may be charged with in Maryland:

— Drug possession: A person can be charged with this drug crime,
but the possible penalties will depend on the type of drug in his or her
possession. In another example, someone who has a bit of marijuana in
his or her possession is not likely to face the same penalties as someone
who has methamphetamine or heroin.

— Drug distribution charges: It’s easy to assume that only
drug dealers will face this charge; however, simply sharing your drugs
with your fiends can lead to this charge. That means you would be facing
a long prison sentence and a substantial fine.

— Drug kingpin: Defendants who are facing enhanced penalties may
be deemed a drug “kingpin.”

If you find yourself charged with one of the above drug offenses, it’s
important that you understand your rights and present a strong defense.

After you are arrested, it’s very possible the police will try to
talk to you. You should wait until your attorney is present to handle
your charges. The police are allowed to tell you lies, including the one
that they will speak with the state’s attorney to get the charges lowered.

Don’t fall for this. Wait for your attorney so that your rights are