The problem of false domestic violence complaints

The problem of false domestic violence complaints

Domestic violence happens every day in Maryland, and the negative effects
it has on families and individuals is devastating. For this reason, there
are strict laws that exist to protect individuals from being subjected
to this kind of abuse. Those laws, however, can also be abused —
particularly when someone is falsely accused of committing domestic violence.

A false complaint of domestic violence will result in stiff consequences
for the accused person in Maryland. You might be ordered to leave your
home — either permanently or temporarily. You might be forced to
complete counseling or an anger management course. You might receive a
bad notation on your criminal record that affects your ability to maintain
custody of your children and/or visitation rights.

In more serious cases of false complaints, you could be arrested and spend
time in jail. Your criminal record might be marred with stalking or harassment.
You could get charged with a sex crime, like rape or sexual assault. A
no contact order could be issued to prevent you from having any contact
with your partner or spouse. In most cases, you will also be forced to
give up your firearms — even if you use them as a police or military
officer. GPS tracking ankle bracelets are also not unheard of.

The law actually encourages false complaints to stick because police officers
are usually instructed not to make dual arrests. This means that there
will usually be one person deemed to be the victim, leaving the other
person as the “perpetrator.”

The perpetrator can be hit with consequences above whether he or she is
guilty or not. For this reason, it is vital to handle the criminal defense
of domestic abuse cases extremely carefully.