What are some common online crimes?

What are some common online crimes?

What are the most common types of crimes that take place online? You may
be surprised to know that fraud and identity theft have been the most
common in recent years. As someone who may now be dealing with claims
that you’ve participated in identity theft, you need to be able
to defend yourself and explain how the incident took place. There are
ways to do so and to prove your innocence without your reputation being
too badly damaged.

Certainly, some instances of alleged identity theft could be mistaken;
for instance, using a public computer and logging into an email or program
without realizing you’re under someone else’s identity could
be easily done. That’s why it’s important that people log
out of their computers at the end of a session. Other kinds of Internet
crimes aren’t as straightforward.

The 2010 report from the FBI and National White Collar Crime Center showed
that the third most common crimes that took place online were identity
theft, making up 9.8 percent of the criminal activity.Computer crimes made up 9.1 percent, and fraud made up around 8.6 percent of the cases.
Credit card fraud took place around 5.3 percent of the time, and overpayment
fraud was reported 5.3 percent of the time.

Are all these cases really fraud? There are times when it can be mistaken.
For instance, if a person pays an advance fee for a product that comes
later than expected, he or she could think it’s fraud when it’s
really just a delay in service. That’s why each fraud case needs
to be monitored and investigated fully to protect the person accused.

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