Where a Sex Offender Can Live?

Where a Sex Offender Can Live?

Maryland residents who have been convicted of sex crimes will usually need
to sign up with the state’s sex offender registry system. Failure
to appropriately register with this system can result in another arrest
and very serious punishments. Therefore, convicted individuals will want
to make sure that they adhere to any registry guidelines so that they
do not again find themselves in trouble with the law. In this regard,
most convicted individuals will have a lot of questions about how this
process works and what limitations will be placed on them as registered
sex offenders.

One of the most common questions has to do with where a sex offender is
permitted to live. Fortunately, for sex offenders living in the state
of Maryland, there are not any kinds of restrictions on residency. According
to studies performed by other states and municipalities, restricting residency
for sex offenders does not actually help prevent sex crimes from occurring.
The argument is that, in most cases, the victims of sex crimes already
know their attackers personally before the incident occurs. In this sense,
the actual neighborhood or community where the victim and/or offender
reside does not have an effect on whether or not an offense will occur.

Some states have actually found that residency restrictions could promote
the homelessness of sex crimes offenders, which makes it more difficult
for authorities to track their whereabouts. Therefore, a lack of residency
restrictions is in many ways an advantage for the state for tracking purposes.

sex offenders — especially those who have newly arrived in the state of Maryland
— may want to discuss their legal situation with a local criminal
lawyer to ensure that they remain in compliance with Maryland law and
do not unintentionally violate a statute that is different from the states
where they previously lived.

Source: Maryland Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services, “Sex Offender Registry FAQs,” accessed July 24, 2015