Why a criminal defense attorney is important for parents

Why a criminal defense attorney is important for parents

It’s not a surprise for teenagers to make mistakes. When you’re
young, things that can be against the law or a big deal may not seem very
important. The fact is that a simple mistake at that age can affect the
rest of a teen’s life, and it’s important for parents to be
aware of that.

Every parent should know how to get in touch with a criminal defense attorney.
If a teen makes a mistake, that mistake can be life changing without the
right defense. When arrested, teens may not know they don’t need
to talk to police until their attorney is present, and that can lead to
them saying too much or admitting to things they didn’t do.

Sometimes, a teen may simply be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even
then, when a parent is called to pick up a teen from jail or to speak
for the teen’s errors, doing the right thing is important. Parents
who aren’t educated in how to deal with the situation could make
it worse, which is why an attorney can be of help.

It’s important for parents to understand some basics of current laws
to protect their children. For instance, schools can’t open a teen’s
cellphone for no reason; there has to be reasonable suspicion. Otherwise,
that’s not a legal search. Teens should be aware that they can ask
for their parents to be present or to get an attorney before a school
official or anyone of authority looks through their computers, phones,
lockers or other personal belongings.

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