You can fight embezzlement charges

You can fight embezzlement charges

Being accused of embezzlement may have caught Byou off guard, but you need
to make sure you start defending yourself. You may be innocent, but the
allegation that you were part of an embezzlement scheme can get you in
deep water with friends, coworkers and family members. Your reputation
depends on the case being dropped, and you can make this happen with the
right kind of defense.

Embezzlement, which is the theft of any asset by someone in a position of trust, usually
happens in corporate settings. For instance, if you work as a cashier
and begin skimming cash from the drawer each day, you may be caught and
charged with embezzlement for stealing those funds.

Another example would be if you were a banker and decided to use someone’s
money to help you earn interest. For instance, you may tell them they
will earn 2 percent interest, while they really receive 3 percent and
you take 1 percent for yourself against the rules of your banking institution.

In order to be charged with embezzlement, the other party must show that
you are in a fiduciary relationship with them. Then, you will need to
have received the money or property through that relationship. On top
of that, you must have taken ownership of the asset as if it were your
own property and then sold or transferred it elsewhere. Finally, it has
to be shown that you intentionally embezzled the asset.

Our website has information on the best ways to defend against these serious
charges. Your reputation depends on a solid defense that you build from day one.