A State Police officer in Maryland was charged for sex crimes

A State Police officer in Maryland was charged for sex crimes

Even the police can be arrested and charged with crimes, as a State Police
officer in Maryland recently learned all too well. According to reports,
the man held a woman at gunpoint and used the weapon to make her perform
a sexual act on him. He is 43 years old.

The incident happened right around two in the morning, and it does not
appear that the man was on duty at the time. Another police officer was
in Capitol Heights, close to Hazelwood Drive and Rochell Avenue, and he
spotted the officer and the woman. They were outside, standing close to
a parked SUV.

It does appear that the two met on purpose, or that they at least came
to an agreement about sexual acts that would be carried out. In exchange,
the officer was going to pay the woman. However, the man then allegedly
used the gun to make the woman do other things that she had not agreed
to do, and he forced her to do those things against her will.

Though the officer had been given a service weapon, the authorities said
he had not used it while committing the crime but had used a personal
gun instead. The department has suspended the man, and he will not be
paid while the case is carried out. Reports also show that the bond was
established at $500,000, but these reports did not say if he had posted
bond or not.

Those who are awaiting trial after an arrest, whether they are part of
the police force or not, need to know what
legal options they have.

Source: WBAL-TV, “Maryland State Police trooper faces sex charges,” July 07, 2015