Aggravated assault: Defining this violent crime

Aggravated assault: Defining this violent crime

Assault generally means an unlawful attempt by someone to inflict harm
on another person. Aggravated assault, according to Federal Bureau of
Investigation’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program, is an attack on
a person to inflict aggravated or severe bodily injury. In most cases,
there is a weapon involved that would likely result in great bodily harm or death.

Attempted aggravated assault also usually involves the threat to use or
to display a weapon. Such as weapon may be a gun, a knife or something
else that could produce serious bodily injury.

According to the UCR program statistics, there were 751,131 aggravated
assaults in the U.S. in 2011. When compared to aggravated assault numbers
from 2010, there was a decline of 3.9 present and a 15.7 percent decline
from 2002 numbers. The percentage of aggravated assaults that involved
the use of a defendant’s hands and feet was 26.9 percent. Firearms
were used in 21.2 percent of aggravated assaults. Cutting instruments
were used in 19.1 percent of aggravated assaults.

The data for these statistics comes from the UCR program from the FBI.

For those facing such a charge, a strong defense is needed as soon as possible.
Aggravated assault and similar charges carry a significant penalty, including
the possibilities of jail time. It’s important that you begin building
your case immediately and that includes directly after your arrest or
even during the initial investigation. This means not talking to police
without your attorney present. You don’t want to say anything that
might be used against you if your case should go to trial.

Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation, “Aggravated Assault,” accessed May. 15, 2015