Arrest made after 21-year-old is killed

Arrest made after 21-year-old is killed

A 21-year-old man from Churchton was killed recently, and the police are
now announcing that they have made an arrest in relation to the case.

The police discovered the young man’s body at about 9 p.m. It was
close to Tequila Straight Drive and Margarita Street, in a forested area.
However, he had not been hidden, but was simply lying in a path in the
woods. The police discovered that he had died because of multiple gunshot wounds.

The man who has been arrested is facing charges for both first-degree murder
and second-degree murder. On top of that, he could be charged with a number
of weapons violations.

This is a very interesting case in that the police said the man appeared
to have been targeted specifically. That is to say, this wasn’t
just a random shooting that would have taken anyone in the area at the
time. However, they do not know what motive the alleged shooter had to
take the other man’s life. Clearly, there are still a lot of questions
that must be answered.

The police did say that the public helped them tremendously in making the arrest.

If you’re facing charges in Baltimore, it’s important to know
exactly what the authorities need to have to level these charges on you
and to get a conviction. When they are lacking key things, such as a motive
for the crime, you can often factor that into your defense. Make sure
you know what your rights are, what legal options there are at your disposal
and how you should proceed.

Source: WBAL-TV11, “Arrest made in murder of Churchton man,” Kate Amara, July 06, 2015