Baltimore bar owner convicted in 1979 child sex abuse case

Baltimore bar owner convicted in 1979 child sex abuse case

A 65-year-old Baltimore bar owner was convicted of four counts of sexual
child abuse and over 12 counts of third-degree sex offense. The jury found
the man not guilty of

In 1979, the alleged female victim in the case was 10 years old. She lived
with her mother above Bill’s Cafe and said that for over three years,
she was sexually abused by the man. The man was charged at the end of
2013 after she remembered the abuse in 2012 and contacted police. One
of her own grandchildren was involved in a child abuse investigation and
she said that is what triggered her memory of the abuse.

The man denied abusing the girl and testified in court. There was reportedly
no other evidence that the abuse occurred other than the information provided
by the alleged victim and her family members. The man’s attorney
said that since there was a 36-year period between when the abuse allegedly
occurred and when his client was charged, there was no way to create a
defense based on forensics.

The man is due to be sentenced on June 24 and is currently out on bail.
He faces a possible sentence of up to 250 years in prison.

Cases like this are difficult because it basically boils down to “he
said, she said.” When so much time elapses between an alleged crime
and someone charged in the cases, there is often no physical evidence
in the case. Those facing these types of charges should seek experienced
legal representation so that their side of the story is told.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Jury convicts former bar owner in 1979 child sex abuse case,” Justin Fenton, April. 27, 2015