Child custody and domestic violence cases

Child custody and domestic violence cases

When a parent is accused of domestic violence, a judge often creates a
temporary child custody order that keeps that parent from having joint
or sole custody of his or her children. No visitation may be ordered,
or there could be an order for supervised visitation.

Judges can use a number of tools to determine if there is a threat to the
children — whether that threat is physical, psychological or emotional.
In most cases, a judge will investigate that threat, evaluate the evidence
and make recommendations based on all the evidence. Because domestic abuse
allegations can be made by one party who is seeking full custody of the
children in a divorce, the judge has to make a decision based on “credible” evidence.

The judge will review police reports, 911 calls, Child Protective Services
reports, criminal records and more. If there is a history of domestic
abuse, it is possible the judge will not allow any visitation to the alleged
abuser. The first priority is to ensure the safety of the alleged victim
and the children.

At The Law Offices of James E. Crawford Jr. & Associates, LLC, we represent
people who are accused of domestic violence. We will aggressively fight
a protection order or an order disallowing visitation. We know that seeing
your children is important and when necessary, we will work diligently
to show the court that these charges are the result of an acrimonious
divorce with child custody issues.

In order to learn more about
domestic violence and abuse charges, please take a look at our webpage on the subject. You deserve to have
your day in court.