Council member’s son placed on probation for violent outburst

Council member’s son placed on probation for violent outburst

There are some cases when you can be accused of crimes for situations that
seem minor at the time but that can also come back to haunt you later.
Seemingly innocent comments or arguments with an employee or worker at
a business could end up resulting in assault or other charges that you
then have to deal with in court.

Making threats can sometimes be enough to get you in trouble with the law.
Freedom of speech only goes so far, and when you become violent or threatening,
the police are able to charge you with a crime. In cases like this one,
those charges can lead to probation or other penalties.

A report from May 20 discussed how the son of a council member was sentenced
to supervised probation for a year because of a violent outburst he had
in a bank in downtown Washington, D.C. According to the story, the man
had been at a PNC bank and was planning to take money out to pay his employees.
He had, on record, $44,000 in the account. As the tellers were counting
out the money, a manager allegedly intervened and started having a heated
conversation with the man.

The defense claimed that the bank manager told the man that he wouldn’t
get any money if he was going to have an attitude. Legally, the bank would
not be able to withhold funds that aren’t restricted and belong
to a customer. It’s not clear why the bank manager intervened with
the withdrawal, but the altercation resulted in the man being charged
with assault, making threats and property damage. He pleaded guilty, taking
a plea deal.

Source: WUSA 9, “Christopher Barry gets probation for bank outburst,” Delia Goncalves, May 20, 2015