Defending individuals accused of prostitution and solicitation

Defending individuals accused of prostitution and solicitation

Prostitution is illegal in the state of Maryland. Whether you are performing
services as a prostitute or you are contracting the services of a prostitute,
the action is illegal and those who engage in the behavior can be arrested
and charged with serious crimes.

Simply being arrested for a prostitution-related crime can have devastating
consequences for an individual’s personal reputation and career.
However, if a conviction occurs, then the accused person will also suffer
criminal punishments that range in severity.

At the Law Offices of James E. Crawford & Associates, we represent
individuals who have been accused of all manner of sex-related crimes,
including prostitution crimes. We handle cases that involve street-level
prostitution, escort service prostitution, massage parlor-related crimes
and prostitution ads in classified newspapers. In any criminal case that
involves sex crime-related allegations, our firm maintains the privacy
of our clients in any way we can. Indeed, the sanctity of the attorney-client
relationship and the privacy of clients is one of the top priorities at our firm.

Considering how sensitive sex crimes charges can be, and considering that
those who are accused of such crimes are often embarrassed about the charges,
we also make it our mission to provide our clients with a judgement-free
zone where they can talk about their cases without fear of being judged
by others.

Indeed, we all make mistakes in life and do things we later wish we had
never done. Similarly, we are all at risk of being
wrongly accused of a crime we did not commit. Regardless what happened in your sex-crimes related
cases, the Law Offices of James E. Crawford is here to help.