Drug charges filed against Cove Point protestor

Drug charges filed against Cove Point protestor

A large protest against Dominion Cove Point Liquefied National Gas Plant
didn’t have too many problems. In fact, it went off with a hitch.
Unfortunately, some protesters in the area on March 31 did not fare so well.

According to a We Are Cove Point organizer, Calvert County sheriff’s
deputies harassed some of protesters who were going to walk on Cove Point
Beach. The man said his vehicle was followed and eventually stopped. He
said that a deputy — who was also wearing identification as a Dominion
contractor — told the man that the protesters did not belong in
Cove Point.

The man said that the officer seemed determined to find something illegal
to “pin” on the protesters. A K-9 officer was used to search
one of the vehicles. A bottle with pills was found. The owner of the bottle,
a 29-year-old woman, was taken into custody because she could not prove
that the pills were prescribed to her legally.

There were no other arrests made, but the incident ended up with about
10 officers as well as the head of corporate security for Dominion on scene.

For those who were present on the day following the main protest, it likely
feels as though they were targeted for being protesters and that they
had not done anything wrong. If the woman who was arrested is found to have had
possession of the prescription drugs without a valid prescription, she will face some rather serious penalties.
An experienced criminal defense attorney, though, may be able to prove
that the woman’s rights were violated before or during the arrest.