Father acquitted on charges of assaulting his son

Father acquitted on charges of assaulting his son

A jury in Harford County, Maryland, has found a 56-year-old man not guilty
of assaulting his son and not guilty of reckless endangerment. Prosecutors
accused the man of stabbing his son during a verbal argument. They said
that the man used a Swiss Army knife to attack his son, who was about
23 years of age at the time.

However, the man’s defense attorneys argued that the state was not
able to prove the charges it was bringing against him and he actually
acted out of self-defense. The man’s defense attorney said that
the state was trying to move forward with the matter without sufficient evidence.

The father, who was once the bureau chief of The Baltimore Sun in Harford
County during the 1980s and 1990s, said that the verdict was a relief.
He said that the truth was on his side and he was glad the process is over.

One of the biggest challenges for the state in this case was the fact that
no one other than man’s son was present to witness the allege stabbing.
The son has said that he respects the decision of the jury, but he does
not agree with it.

The father currently lives in California where he is employed as a reporter.
He said that his trial taught him a lot about the limitations of the justice
system. He says that police did not interview him regarding what happened,
in spite of his offer to take their questions with his attorney present.
The man also said that he hopes he reconciles with his son at some point
in the future and that he will always love him.

Getting acquitted on any kind of criminal charge is always a relief, especially
because going to trial is an unpredictable event. When going to trial
for any violation, it is important to keep in mind that accused persons
remember they are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Former WYPR editor, Sun reporter acquitted of assaulting son,” Alison Knezevich, May. 22, 2015