Felony burglary and murder charges filed against 20-year-old

Felony burglary and murder charges filed against 20-year-old

When you’re charged with a felony for a robbery, you want to know
that you have the right to protect yourself and your reputation. If you’re facing
burglary charges, you could face work punishments like getting fired or suspended
and penalties from the law in the form of fines or even prison time. Because
of this, it’s vital that you do what you can to defend yourself
in Maryland.

This young man may be in a position similar to yours. The man in Baltimore
has been charged for allegedly taking part in a string of robberies and
a shooting in Maryland. Police have said that the man, a 20-year-old,
was arrested on Aug. 22 for armed robbery and then connected to several
other burglaries around the area. That’s just one of the 12 robberies
in the Southeastern District on that day, six of which he’s been
linked to.

One man was shot during a robbery on S. Albemarle St. when he wouldn’t
comply with the robbers. According to the police, the 43-year-old man
was shot in the forearm before the robbers left with an iPhone and wallet.
Following the 20-year-old man’s arrest, he was interviewed about
the robbery and allegedly admitted to taking part in it.

For the incident where the man was shot, the 20-year-old faces a first-degree
murder charge and robbery charge for his part in the crime. He’s
being held without bond, which may be partially to do with his past. Court
records proved that the man had previously been convicted of armed robbery
in 2010; at that time, he had a sentence of 18 years that was mostly suspended.
He spent only five years in prison.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Man charged in shooting, string of robberies in Southeast Baltimore” Justin Fenton, Aug. 28, 2014