Get your bail lowered or reduced in Maryland

Get your bail lowered or reduced in Maryland

When you’re facing time in jail due to a felony or misdemeanor, there’s
a chance you’ll have a bail amount set for your case. If you can’t
meet the bail cost, then you’ll have to wait in jail until the day
of your hearing or trial. If you can pay the bail, then you can typically
go home and wait for your case to come up in court.

Typically, you’ll go through a hearing where your bail will be set.
If your bail is not approved, you could be stuck in jail until trial;
fortunately, you can fight back against a denied bail judgment.

Your attorney can take steps through a bail review to have the judge review
your case again. In some cases, if you can’t afford bail or if the
amount was set far too high, your attorney may be able to get the amount
lowered to a fair standard.

During your bail hearing and bail review, you’ll need to argue your
case for why you should be allowed to stay at home instead of in jail.
Are you a flight risk? Do you have a job to work? What can you tell the
court about your life that can convince it that you’re better off
at home? Considering the best way to convince the judge that you’re
not dangerous or a flight risk is vital when you’re trying to have
a low bail amount or reduced bail awarded.

Our webpage has more information on your bail review. With the right information,
you can learn the best way to defend your right to wait for trial from
the comfort of your home.