Keep drug charges off of your criminal history in Maryland

Keep drug charges off of your criminal history in Maryland

If you are facing allegations of drug crimes in Maryland, one of the first
things you should do is seek the help of an attorney.
Drug charges can be confusing, and the legal process is often difficult to navigate
for those who are unfamiliar with its subtleties. Further, the potential
serious consequences that arise from a drug offense can crush your ability
to obtain student loans, keep your job or even remain in school. In these
high-stakes scenarios, you should know that you do not have to go through
the process alone.

Maryland attorneys can provide information and assistance for those who
are accused of drug possession and distribution of a variety of substances.
These include crack, heroin, marijuana, ecstasy and many others. Maryland’s
penalties for drug crimes depend on the severity of the violation, so
it is important to understand the nature of the drug charges you are facing.

One of the most common charges for Maryland residents is that of drug possession.
The severity of the infraction depends on the defendant’s criminal
history, along with the nature of the drug that was in the defendant’s
possession. Higher penalties are often invoked for scheduled drugs and
narcotics. Additionally, possession of drug paraphernalia is considered
a crime in Maryland. That means that possession of pipes, rolling papers
and even plastic bags can lead to criminal charges.

More severe charges include those of
drug distribution. Would you believe that you do not have to sell drugs to be charged with
this violation? Those who simply share their drugs with their friends
can also be accused. Finally, a special criminal charge can be brought
against someone who plays a crucial role in a drug trafficking effort;
that person is known as a drug “kingpin.”

No matter who you are, it is important for you to keep a potential drug
conviction off of your personal record. Not only can this type of conviction
lead to professional difficulties, but it can also cause challenges in
a variety of other important life decisions. An experienced legal team
can provide defendants with more information about their legal rights
in such cases.