Man faces felony for drug offenses in Maryland

Man faces felony for drug offenses in Maryland

A man who was serving a sentence in Harford County, Maryland, has been
sentenced again for his part in a federal heroin distribution conviction
in a separate case. The man, a 32-year-old, has been given 12 years in
prison and four years of supervised release for having in his possession
over 100 grams of heroin.

The man pleaded guilty to the federal charge of possession with the intent
to distribute narcotics in June 2014, court records showed. Since the
man was already serving time in prison, it was ordered that the sentence
of 12 years be served at the same time as his current 20-year sentence
that he was serving for another offense.

The man was able to enter a plea agreement for the
felony, in which he admitted that he had purchased over 100 grams of heroin in
Towson. Then, he said he took it to a motel in Edgewood where he was living.
He admitted that he had planned to split up the heroin and then distribute it.

In his case, the plea agreement also says that any assets that are traceable
to his offense can be seized by the police. He has also agreed to assist
in the forfeiture of those items.

If you’ve been charged or previously convicted of a crime, looking
at this case may help you understand one of the possibilities you have.
You could choose to enter a plea agreement, which could help you reduce
or limit your time in prison. Understanding all the potential outcomes
of your case will be the best way to determine which course of action
you should take.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Harford drug dealer gets 12 years for federal heroin conviction” Allan Vought, Aug. 21, 2014