Maryland physician facing drug charges for illegal prescriptions

Maryland physician facing drug charges for illegal prescriptions

A Maryland physician is facing serious drug allegations after he apparently
ran a “pill mill” out of his practice in Rockville. Authorities
allege that the
drug offenses may have even led to the death of one of the man’s patients, who
was using prescribed methadone. The doctor, who has been operating a pain
management clinic in Rockville for several years, was officially arrested
on July 30. His medical license had been suspended in 2010. Now, the man
is facing a 29-count indictment, including distribution of controlled
substances resulting in death. The man could spend decades behind bars
if convicted.

Investigators allege that the man began illegally prescribing medications
in 2009. Those prescription drugs included morphine, oxycodone and methadone,
all of which could allegedly be obtained at the physician’s office
for a fee. Authorities say they began investigating the man after pharmacists
became suspicious about the prescriptions they were filling for the man’s
patients. One pharmacist explained that the man’s patients appeared
to be abusing the drugs, and they generally paid cash for the prescriptions
at the pharmacy.

The state medical board found that at least 15 of the man’s patients
had died from drug overdoses. Those people, who came from as far away
as Kentucky and Pennsylvania, were allegedly receiving illegally prescribed
medication at a cost of about $300 to $500 per visit. Drug Enforcement
Administration professionals say that the man treated more than 4,500
people in 2009.

The physician in this case has been indicted and arrested, but that does
not mean that he can automatically be considered guilty of the criminal
allegations against him. These drug offenses do have potentially serious
consequences. However, the doctor and all other criminal defendants deserve
a fair, unbiased legal proceeding.

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clinic, dealt drugs that caused patient’s death
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