Murder charges for man accused of killing wife’s beau

Murder charges for man accused of killing wife’s beau

A Maryland man is facing serious criminal charges after he allegedly killed a man who was dating his estranged wife. The man also apparently attempted to kill himself during the encounter in Laurel, according to authorities. The defendant has been charged with violent crimes including first- and second-degree murder in connection with the incident.

Authorities say that the defendant, age 39, suffered life-threatening injuries in the apparent attempted murder-suicide. Official reports show that the victim, also 39, was found lifeless in a roadway on Aug. 20 at about 10:30 p.m., and he was pronounced dead after being transported to a nearby hospital.

This was not the defendant’s first run-in with the law with relation to domestic violence and other related crimes. News reports show that the man had separated from his wife in July, and she had obtained a protective order against him. However, the woman reported that the man continued to attempt to make contact with her as she began to date her new beau. It appears that the woman and her boyfriend were sitting in a car together when the defendant apparently approached the vehicle. The boyfriend emerged from the vehicle, and he was shot several times.

An investigation is still ongoing in the matter. Officers said they had to seek out the defendant, who had allegedly barricaded himself inside of a shed in a nearby neighborhood. The defendant was found with self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

The defendant in this case may face a different set of criminal allegations because of his previous violations of protective orders. The fact that the man had presented a threat of violence in the past may influence the way in which his current criminal case proceeds. Even though the man had previous violations of the court’s protective order, he still deserves a fair chance to defend himself against these murder charges.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Man killed in apparent murder-suicide attempt in Laurel” Sean Welsh and Carrie Wells, Aug. 21, 2014