Petition sent to Congress on false accusations of domestic abuse

Petition sent to Congress on false accusations of domestic abuse

A petition has been forwarded to Congress, asking for their help in stopping
alleged victims of domestic violence from making false accusations against
alleged offenders for abuse. This
petition had been signed by 26,279 people at last count.

When an alleged domestic violence victim makes a false accusation, the
criminal justice system suffers as well as the defendant. The way many
domestic violence laws are set up now, an alleged victim’s word
is taken without question. The man or woman accused of domestic violence
has no voice in the matter until several weeks later.

Until a full hearing on a protective order or restraining order petition
or a trial for the domestic violence charge, there is no chance for the
person accused of the crime to give the court his or her side of events.
An initial order of protection is set up, the person accused is arrested
and may have to post bond, and he or she might not even get to see his
or her children.

In most cases, a permanent protection order is granted. Even if the man
or woman is able to prove that he or she is innocent at trial, the damage
to his or her reputation has already been done. He or she might not have
been awarded child custody in a divorce simply because of the accusations,
a job may be lost and it’s likely he or she had to move.

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