Prescription drug charges

Prescription drug charges

Prescription drug charges are serious and they come with severe consequences
for those who are convicted of them. Furthermore, Maryland police officers
are diligent in their monitoring and enforcement programs relating to
prescription drug crime in this state.

Authorities keep their eyes out for certain criminal behaviors, which could
result in an investigation and an arrest. One of the things they look
out for is referred to as doctor shopping. Individuals who doctor shop
commonly have several physicians who they go to in order to obtain extra
prescriptions for the same pharmaceutical drugs. In these situations,
doctors are usually unaware that their patient is taking too much of the
drug they are prescribing.

At this time, 49 states have already established or are working to establish
special programs to monitor and track drug prescriptions. The idea is
to use computer technology so that doctors can look up a particular patient
to see if he or she has recently been given a specific prescription by
a different doctor. Furthermore, access to these databases may be given
to police if they are investigating a particular person for a drug crime.

Maryland residents may want to keep in mind that police have the ability
to monitor more and more of our lives and activities like this. Sometimes,
individuals are convicted based on the ability of police to monitor what
we do. Still, not all the
evidence that police gather against a person is obtained in accordance with the
law or with an appropriate warrant; in which case, the evidence will not
be admissible in court.

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