Teen drunk driving focus of Maryland sherrifs

Teen drunk driving focus of Maryland sherrifs

The Maryland Sheriffs Association wants parents and underage teens to be aware of the risks of driving drunk. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a third of the 15- to 20-year-old drivers had been drinking before being killed in a car accident. Another study has shown that just as many 18- to 20-year-old young men said that they have driven while drunk as 21- to 34-year-old drivers have.

One way to decrease the number of teenage drunk drivers starts with the parents and older brother and sisters. The law enforcement community does hope that at some point, teens will use their common sense and not drink and drive. Here are some things parents can do:

— As a parent, you will need to realize that you and the teen’s older brothers and sisters are role models, setting a good example by not drinking and driving.

— Always wear a seat belt, whether you are driving or a passenger, and never get in the vehicle if the driver has had too much to drink.

— Consider taking public transportation when going to a party or other event where alcohol is present. Taxis and buses can keep drunk drivers off the streets.

— Restrict the teen’s access to vehicles and liquor; however, this will only be a short-term solution.

It’s important that underage drivers realize the importance of not drinking and driving. However, if you or your child are charged with this offense, a criminal defense attorney can provide information on building a defense against the charges.

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