Understanding child custody and protective orders

Understanding child custody and protective orders

Domestic abuse is a serious problem in this country. For many decades,
it was swept quietly under a rug, but there are now more resources available
to domestic violence victims and their children. Some of these resources include:

— Domestic abuse hotlines

— Domestic abuse shelters

— Temporary and permanent protective orders

— Restraining orders

When it comes to child custody, did you know that there are five main factors
where issues of domestic violence and child custody intersect?

— During divorce proceedings

— When victims seek protective orders

— When Child Protective Services is involved with the family.

— When a parent moves the children to another county in hopes of
avoiding domestic violence

— When parenting time is decided.

The common goal in any of these situations should be the safety of the
victim(s) and the best interests of the children. Children who live in
homes where domestic violence is present may exhibit behavioral and emotional
problems and have compromised academic development and social skills.
Thirty to 60 percent of those children who witness domestic violence in
their homes are also
sexually or physically abused.

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about the domestic abuse, as well as share your concerns about child custody and more.

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