What are some common Internet crimes?

What are some common Internet crimes?

When you think of Internet crimes, do you immediately think of Napster
and illegal downloads? Maybe you think of The Pirate Bay, where a lot
of illegal downloads were made before it was shut down. While these are
the things people tend to consider, the truth is that there are many other
Internet crimes taking place, including the following:

1. Blackmail.

Blackmail can often be done after information is stolen online. For instance,
if pictures are uploaded to the cloud and then a hacker obtains them,
he or she could threaten the person in the pictures, saying they’ll
be released unless money is paid.

2. Breaking into communications.

Similarly, people sometimes break into communications that others have
had. These often include email messages. Just as it’s illegal to
open another person’s physical mail, it is also illegal to break
into an email.

3. Online betting.

Sports betting may be legal in Vegas, but it’s
not legal online, at least not at this time. Still, there are sites that will allow people
to place bets on their favorite teams. Though many people just see this
as a fun way to pass the time, federal law says it could bring about a
two-year jail sentence.

4. Harassment and Bullying.

Social media makes it very easy to bully someone from anywhere. Messages
can be sent on Facebook, Twitter and the like. This type of thing is often
directed at celebrities by people who don’t know them, but it also
happens to teens, students and others who know each other in real life.

These are just four examples, but, if you’ve been accused of any
Internet crimes, you must know your rights in this potentially complex

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