What are some Internet crime statistics for the United States?

What are some Internet crime statistics for the United States?

Internet crimes range in type and severity, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation
keeps tabs so complaints can be registered and reflected on for studies
and ongoing research. Each year, the FBI focuses on the places with the
most complaints as well as the number of complaints that come in about
things like cyber bullying, online sexual harassment and other serious
Internet threats.

Being accused of one of these crimes can be life altering, so using this
research makes it possible to show the likelihood of a person committing
a crime or having the resources to do so. Here are some of the most common
statistics that could be used in court during your case.

The United States is one of the top five countries for complaints received
over cyber crimes. In fact, the U.S. ranks first overall, with 90.63 percent
of complaints indicating it. Texas, interestingly, is the state with the
third-highest amount of complaints over cyber crimes, with 6.74 percent
of the reports in the top 10 highest states.

The FBI also looks into things like
romance complaints. These are complaints focused on individuals who may have scammed people
online who had fallen in love with them over time. Interestingly, the
percentages show that it’s men who filed the most complaints against
women in the under 20 and 20 to 29 age groups. In all other age ranges,
it’s women who reported being scammed, and the losses become extraordinary
financially, potentially due to the increase in wealth in those age groups.

With information like this, a person going to court in Maryland over fraud
charges or charges for other kinds of Internet crimes can point out the
likelihood of such scams. Used with a defense, this could be a convincing
way to sway a jury.

Source: FBI, “2013 Internet Crime Report,” accessed April. 15, 2015