What is negligent vehicle homicide?

What is negligent vehicle homicide?

A charge for negligent vehicle homicide in Maryland is very serious. This
charge is levied against someone who law enforcement believes is responsible
for killing a person while driving a car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle
due to his or her serious reckless or negligent behavior.

Vehicle homicide is a form of involuntary manslaughter. There are actually
four statutes in Maryland that deal with the death of an individual due
to someone’s drinking and driving. According to
Maryland Criminal Law Statute §2–503, the possible penalties for this charge is up to five years in prison
and/or a fine of up to $5,000.

At The Law Offices of James E. Crawford, we know that in every accident,
there is someone who wants to place the blame for the accident on another
person. You could be charged with negligent vehicle homicide if you were
driving drunk, driving distracted, speeding or driving recklessly. You
could even face this charge if you fell asleep while driving.

We know that each person is different. We also know that the circumstances
of each charge a client faces is different. The prosecution wants a guilty
verdict, but it is important to remember that you and every other person
charged with a crime in this country is innocent until — and only
if — they are found guilty in a court of law. If the media has extensively
covered your case, you may feel as though you were already found guilty
before you even go to court; however, that is not how our criminal justice
system works.

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