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Our Blog In Month: May 2017

  • Alcohol classes required after certain traffic offenses

    If you have been required to attend a 12-hour alcohol education program in Baltimore, you may not be entirely sure what to expect from this ...

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  • Baltimore drug crimes attorney with 18 years of experience

    A drug-related conviction, even for a minor offense, can result in serious consequences for an accused individual in Maryland. In addition to criminal punishments like ...

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  • Why you should take your sex crimes charge very seriously

    Criminal defendants who have been charged with a sex offense in Maryland should know that “minor” sex crimes do not exist in this state. In ...

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  • Child abduction from Colorado: Kids may be in other states

    Imagine going through the struggle of divorce in Maryland, but then facing the reality of your children being taken away, even though you’re a good ...

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  • Don’t let a violation of probation land you in jail in Maryland

    Parole and probation are different, but both can be violated accidentally or purposefully. Probation refers to those placed on supervision in the community. For example, ...

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  • Why you need an attorney to manage your sex crimes defense

    If you are facing allegations of sex offenses in Baltimore, you should understand that these are serious accusations that can lead to long-term consequences for ...

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  • Is there any defense to a domestic violence protective order?

    It may seem as though individuals facing domestic violence charges have few defense options. The alleged victim has given his or her version of events ...

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  • What is the right to a speedy trial in Maryland?

    Many people in Maryland know that they have a right to a lawyer or an attorney, based on the Sixth Amendment. While this part of ...

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  • Man accused of stealing over $20,000 of goods in Maryland

    If you’ve ever had the urge to steal from a store due to being unable to afford items or wanting to have something you saw ...

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  • What constitutes domestic violence?

    Many Maryland residents who are charged with domestic violence violations may not have been aware that their actions constituted a potential criminal act. These defendants, ...

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