5 Wesleyan University students facing drug charges

5 Wesleyan University students facing drug charges

As a college student, you’re in a unique position, sometimes. You
are still a student; however, you’re also an adult — and criminal
charges can have a tremendous effect on your future. For five Wesleyan
University students, they are learning just how difficult it can be to
face drug charges.

The five students were involved in varying degrees with the stimulant MBA,
also known as Molly. Authorities believe this euphoria-inducing drug was
cut with other drugs. Almost a dozen students overdosed on Feb. 21 and
22, resulting in hospital visits.

The students range in age from 20 to 22. The charges include possession
of a hallucinogen, possession of marijuana with intent to sell,
possession of a controlled substance, illegally obtaining or supplying drugs, possession of a regulated substance and more.

The last student arrested allegedly gave the drug to several students,
but police also reportedly found powdery substances in capsules in the
student’s room.

The students are currently suspended from the university. A statement put
out by Wesleyan stated, “Wesleyan takes very seriously allegations
concerning the distribution of dangerous drugs, and we will continue to
cooperate with state and local officials to do everything we can to make
our community as safe as possible.”

Drug charges can have a significant effect on a student, not to mention
his or her future career, relationships and more. It’s important
to focus on building a strong defense against such charges and an experienced
Connecticut criminal defense attorney can provide more information. Don’t
simply sit back and see what happens with the charges. It’s far
too risky.

Source: DCInno, “3 Md. Students Have Been Arrested in the Wesleyan Drug Case” Molly Greenberg, Mar. 07, 2015