Child abduction from Colorado: Kids may be in other states

Child abduction from Colorado: Kids may be in other states

Imagine going through the struggle of divorce in Maryland, but then facing
the reality of your children being taken away, even though you’re
a good parent. That can happen, but making rash movements and taking your
children can cause serious consequences.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the news, then you may have heard
about two children from Colorado who went missing. According to a report
from Jan. 6, the children were taken away from their grandmother and father
against a court order. The grandmother and father in the case believe
that the children are with the mother and her husband.

Right now, the news has been following the case, as the little girl is
meant to be in the custody of her father. While not much of the initial
divorce case was covered, it’s clear that some parts of the custody
case faced contention. Now, the child and another who was not named as
gone missing.

It’s believed that she’s with her mother and three other children.
She and another child, ages 4 and 6, were the center of a custody battle
between the mother and the children’s father. It’s not known
for sure, but it’s believed that the mother and her husband fled
with the child following the custody battle.

In divorces, deciding child custody issues can be difficult. Children may
be in danger or be living in poor conditions, so a family member may make
a difficult decision against the court. Custody provisions and plans are
made to prevent these situations. If you’ve faced a problem like
this, speaking with someone in law enforcement and learning about your
legal rights is a good first step.

Source: Post Bulletin, “Missing Colorado children might be in this region” John Weiss, Jan. 06, 2015