Defend yourself against computer crime charges in Maryland

Defend yourself against computer crime charges in Maryland

Have you been accused of computer-based crimes like Internet solicitation
or child porn? If so, you know that your life and livelihood could be
at risk. As a whole, the world is moving toward using the Internet more
but with that, identities can be stolen or you could be accused of crimes
someone else did in your name.

When you’re accused of a crime, you need to first focus on defending
yourself. Evidence against you might include things like emails or programs
you have on your computer; if evidence was obtained illegally, then the
evidence may be thrown out and unable to be used by the courts. In Maryland,
there are many programs where police can work to collect information from
your computer and use the data that was mined to prosecute you. You can
fight back, though.

You can hire your own forensic experts to analyze your data. You may be
able to prove that you didn’t put the information there; you could
be the victim of a set-up. Even a URL could have been changed rapidly
to set you up for a crime you never committed. Sometimes, simple mistakes
by service providers that create URLs and maintain content can be at fault;
you shouldn’t be blamed for technical errors.

Whether you’re combating a charge for child pornography or chat room
offenses, you deserve the right to speak up and defend yourself. You’re
not guilty until someone can prove you are, and there are many ways you
can disprove the case people claim to have against you.

To learn more about the steps you need to take to protect yourself, please
look at our
computer crimes webpage. You don’t have to fight these charges on your own.